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Verge (XVG) New Important Partnerships – TokenGaming and RSKsmart Soon

Partnerships are the central element taking over the crypto space this year. One of the luckiest crypto in this regard is Verge, and it all began with its partnership with PornHub. Even if the crypto’s price fell after Verge teamed up with the adult site, all the fuss created around it was pretty beneficial. According to crypto analysts, the price effect of this milestone is not even reflected yet in the current market price. A few days ago, we’ve talked about WhatsApp and Verge (XVG) Potential partnership, now there are new ones.

TokenGaming is interested in XVG

TokenGaminng is another essential player that became interested in Verge. Their platform is all about online gaming, and they hope that their technology can be improved with the help of blockchain. TokenGaming just launched a customized gaming management platform that plans to implement Verge into its infrastructure.

“BUILD YOUR OWN CASINO Fully featured custom built gaming management platform with the top titles from a wide spectrum of betting software developers. TPAY and XVG payment integration coming soon with the TokenPay Multisignature Transaction Engine LIVE,” TokenGamin posted on Twitter.

This project might be an essential point in the development of the XVG because it will undoubtedly lead to enhanced popularity. This new partnership will bring a new market space and more expertise in software for both parties involved.

This new market space we’re referring at is significantly represented mainly in Latin America, and this enhances the probability of users adopting XVG while they operate on TokenGaming’s platform.

TokenGaming platform provides various casino games which are already popular all over the world.

Teaming up with RSKsmart

Smart contracts have already become popular in most blockchain platforms since Ethereum managed to prove their high efficiency. This resulted in Verge also considering getting on board with smart contracts. Verge revealed an upcoming partnership with RSKsmart in order to integrate smart contracts in its network.

“RSK is the most secure smart contract platform. We will be integrating them directly into Verge Currency,”XVG team notes.

RSK is the pioneer open source pegging a two-way with Bitcoin. The goal is to have the RSK smart contract integrated into the BTC protocol and reward BTC miners via merge-mining. This will provide a great opportunity to BTC holders to take part in Smart Contract blockchain technologies.

The partnership will turn out highly beneficial for the Verge team if they finalize and XVG is probably heading for even more great deals this year considering the high level of privacy that the crypto managed to acquire.

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