XRP Adoption And Use Cases: XRP Entertainment Marketplace For Music Is Launched

Ripple had a great year so far, and the company managed to get a lot of important deals and also to boost the XRP ecosystem as well.

New XRP platform for musicians

The director of product is reportedly preparing to roll out a new digital marketplace that will allow musicians to sell their songs online for XRP.

The platform is called xSongs, and it will use Payburner, which is an integrated payment system that’s built on top of the XRP Ledger, according to Craig DeWitt.

It’s been also revealed that there is no fee to upload or post any songs and musicians will be getting 100% of the revenue from their sales via peer-to-peer payments.

It’s also important to mention the fact that the marketplace will not be supporting legacy payment methods, and it will allow creators to set their very own prices.

Increasing the usability of XRP

DeWitt also highlighted the fact that the goal of this platform is not to make money but to create a thriving product that increases the usability of XRP.

“If you can build a product that drives significant value to the market, monetization will not be a problem,” he said and continued: “Uber loses money on ever [sic] ride they give, but they’ve built something incredibly valuable.”

DeWitt also said that “the project is currently in beta for the uploading/publishing side of the marketplace, which includes a wallet and the ability to manage music.”

He explained that after the get all the music that they want uploaded and after they finish building the front end marketplace, “we’ll turn on the purchasing side of xSongs.This will be the front end to allow anyone to buy songs.”

Head over to Medium in order to see how you can join the platform.

In other Ripple-related news, chief tech officer David Schwartz said that the company aims to bring greater financial equality to people in the US and overseas as well.

Check out the video above in order to learn more.



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