Ripple has been making lots of headlines due to the firm’s efforts to boost the whole XRP ecosystem and also to push the mass adoption of the digital asset XRP.

XRP is currently trading in the green and the coin is priced at $0.301128.

New job openings at Ripple

It seems that Ripple is also working to expand its team. The other day, it’s been revealed that some new job openings have been spotted on the Internet, reportedly posted by Ripple.

These new listings suggest the platform plans to expand its global reach and make use of its native crypto coin XRP.

According to the listings, the San Francisco-based startup is currently looking for a senior product manager that will be a part of the developer services of Ripple subsidiary Xpring.

Xpring signed a contract to support XRPL Labs and XUMM

Crypto News Flash online publication just revealed that Warren Paul Anderson of Xpring recently announced that Xpring has signed a new three-year contract to support XRPL Labs and XUMM.

He called XUMM “One of the best representations of the XRP Ledger”.

Just to refresh your memory, Xpring is Ripple’s investment arm and is pushing the adoption of XRPL-based applications.

XRPL continues to collab with XUMM

As Crypto News Flash already reported in March, the app only had about 3,700 users in the beginning.

The app also had some bugs when it first came out, but then, less than 2 months later, chief developer Wietse Wind said that XUMM would soon be ready for mass deployment.

Wind highlighted that one of the main goals that the app has is to enable trading in currencies such as the euro, dollar, and XRP independent of banks.

Another goal is to simplify the peer to peer payments. It’s more than obvious that Xpring considers XUMM the most promising solution in these directions.

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