TRON (TRX) – The cryptocurrency market as a whole is worth over $500 Billion in market capitalization. Coins like Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin (BTC), and Tronix (TRX) lead the way. Tronix is indeed the cheapest coin in the top 20 by market capitalization and one of the newer. Tronix (TRX) targets the $1 trillion digital entertainment industry at an angle that can’t be ignored. TRX Investors have been throwing money into this project since it dropped in September.

Anyone who invested in TRX before December was lucky enough to grab the coin before it even hit one cent. As the whole crypto market pushes forward this week, Tron specifically has surged. In early January the brand new coin reached an all time high of .30 cents. From .01 cent to .30 cents in just a week. Euphoria filled digital wallets around the world. Since then we have seen a decline in TRX’s ultimate price – a necessary downtrend some will call it. However, new announcements and partnerships reassure weak hands.

TRON (TRX) Chart – Source

Tronix sets out to create a worldwide free content entertainment ecosystem by cutting out the corporate middle man and allowing all profits potential to go back in the hands of the creator.  This is especially interesting for content creators and artists alike. The protocol allows each user to freely publish data and store it. The Tron Foundation believes that protocol is an asset for human beings rather than a profit making tool for small groups. Thus, they made a nonprofit organization that mainly engages in operating the TRON network in the principles of openness, fairness and transparency. Users will have the fundamental ownership of data.

Nowadays, all media is hosted by a middle man. In the future, everyone will own their own content.

“Contents should derive from people rather than capitals which should be used to reward people rather than to control people.”  Excerpt from Tron’s website

Former Ripple advisor and young entrepreneur Justin Sun is CEO of the Tron Foundation. As the creator of Tron, he is never hesitant to let the crypto community know what his team is working on. With almost 400,000 twitter followers, Sun is one of the more vocal players in the game. On Friday he gave away 8 million TRX coin’s to fans watching his live stream. This transparency with the community is reassuring. Plus, numbers don’t lie.

“We do not consider us the competitor of Bitcoin or Ethereum. We are far beyond that. We are building the next generation of infrastructure of the decentralized internet.” This is what Sun said on his live Periscope to tens and thousands of followers

Yachts and Tron

CNBC published an article yesterday about a company in Florida that says they accept Bitcoin and Ethereum and cryptocurrencies alike in exchange for some of the most luxurious yachts in the nation. Bob Denison, founder of Denison Yachting, says that he is a fan of cryptocurrencies – his personal favorite being Tron.

“Inherently there would be a little bit of a risk, but I truly believe in the future of cryptocurrency and I truly believe it will stabilize. The more [transactions like this] happen the less crazy it will sound,” Denison told CNBC. He then went on to note that the more people who use cryptocurrencies for big buys like this (cars and homes), the more transparent cryptocurrency becomes. Purchases like these will push the blockchain technology further in modern society.

What is next for Tron?

Tron has partnerships with, Peiwo (the largest audio content community in China), Obike, and Gifto. At 5 cents a coin, investors can dip their toe. Tron’s fist beta version-exodus will be launched on March 31st, 2018. Many see this as huge potential gain – both in price and adoption. If you hold onto your coins long enough maybe you will be able to buy a yacht!

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  • Wayne Morris
    23/02/, 5:00 PM

    follow me @trononatopr100 for trx updates.

    so key dates this year for tron

    22nd March beta testing
    22nd to 31st coin burn between these dated
    31st March Beta release
    31st July Main net release

    each one of these events will be proceed with some FOMO
    average price of a crypto that has gone from token to coin can increase from 30% to 100% during this phase.
    after the above phase ( Oddesy) we go to the great voyage , Apollo , star trek then the last phase eternity phases
    with such a long road map from #tron #tronix it is clear that this coin is certainly in it for the long game and is my number 1 choice for a long term Hodl.

    many want to see the coin moon right away however i always use this to help them manage their expectations :
    you wouldn’t expect a 6 month old baby to run 100m and win the gold so why are you expecting a 6 month old company to get you to the moon
    alot of FUD about #tron and #trx however as warren buffet said
    ” The stock market is merely a tool used to transfer money from the impatient to the patient”
    i would strongly recommend buying tron while you can and do proper research into the project itself
    research his team and also where the coin is based
    I do own some tron however i am certainly no wall street investor , be wary of people telling you it will moon in 2018 or even 2019 this is a LONG term hold however i do believe you can become wealthy if you were to buy #trx at the crazy low prices today

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