YouTube brought a pretty nasty Christmas present for Bitcoin and crypto enthusiasts.

According to more complaints from people in the crypto community, YouTube has been removing a massive number of crypto videos without issuing any warning.

YouTube is cracking down on crypto

As you know, YouTube is the main video platform all over the globe for a decade and a half, and for more than ten years now, it had various issues with content creators.

But it’s definitely worth noting that the majority of these problems had roots in real issue concerning the nature of posted content, the platform is now cracking down on crypto, and they don’t seem to have a real reason.

Without any warning, YouTube removed various crypto-related videos from almost all channels dedicated to cryptos.

YouTube hits important crypto influencers

They did more than strike against potential scammers, they took down important influencers as well.

As you know, unless the content on YouTube explicitly breaks the company’s terms of service, it would get demonetized, and that’s it. This is what usually happens to content that contains curse words or all kinds of inappropriate content.

While usually, YouTube works out by clearing the confusion, this time, they made the move without any warning.

According to, “YouTubers such as Chris Dunn (210,000 subscribers), Node Investor (54,000 subscribers), Chico Crypto (67,000 subscribers), and many others took to Twitter to complain about the platform’s recent move. Some of the content creators were even banned for a week, and some potentially even longer.”

It’s been also revealed that the only detail that YouTube offered creators was an email saying that the videos broke community guidelines.

The content was classified as harmful or dangerous, and they cited the “sale of regulated doods” as the main issue.

There are no more details about YouTube’s decision, but targeted creators are planning to leave the platform and choose something more decentralized.

Above, you can see a list of the channels that have been hit, and we recommend that you check out more details on Bitcoinist’s original article.

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