Bitcoin (BTC)’s Price Can Reportedly Push The Crypto Market To Reach Mainstream Adoption – Upward Volatility Drove BTC Towards $20k 

The CEO of Coinbase, Brian Armstrong, wants that crypto can have its very own iPhone moment.

The recent question raised by the online publication UToday is quite intriguing: will a second price rally of Bitcoin (BTC) push crypto into the arms of mass adoption?

A price rally could push crypto towards mass adoption

The online publication reminds readers how BTC reached almost $20,000 and says that this led to the growing of blockchain and crypto space.

They also note that since the bear market of 2018, a lot of the enthusiasm that was built back in 2017 had dropped after the hardest BTC price fall when the most important digital asset dropped to lows of $3,000.

The magazine says that a new rally is gearing up and continues to address the iPhone moment that Coinbase CEO is waiting for.

Brian Armstrong says in an AMA on YouTube: “It should work like WeChat. Where when you go to the app, it already knows who you are, and it has your payment method already attached, and with one tap you can then complete an action or complete a payment and so we need to get that usability, just simpler and simpler and simpler, kind of like having the Netscape moment or the iPhone moment for crypto.”

Volatility is a controversial issue in the crypto space

He’s looking for the general ease of usability for cryptos, but on the other hand, he also believes that there’s a need for advances in scalability.

He also believes that there has to be an end of volaityliy which has been plaguing the market for too long.

This last statement is quite interesting because this volatility pushed BTC so high – an upward volatility basically boosted the interest in blockchain and crypto projects.

We recommend that you head over to UToday’s original article to read more.

Meanwhile, the crypto space is flooded with optimistic BTC predictions.


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