Bitcoin Bull Signal Has Been Triggered, Says Circle CEO

As we reported, President Donald Trump finally offered his stance on crypto, and he’s definitely not a supporter.

His tweetstorm triggered various reactions from all kinds of important people in the crypto space.

Circle CEO said that Trump might have unleashed the most powerful, bull signal for BTC

Circle is the exchange that’s backed by Goldman Sachs and its CEO just said that President Trump’s revelation that he’s not a fan of BTC and crypto might become the most powerful bull signal in the history of the most important digital asset.

Jeremy Allaire said that Trump’s tweets have placed BTC on the global stage like never before and this will ultimately lead to a more extended discussion and adoption of the digital assets.

Kraken CEO also commented and said that crypto is more traceable than fiat. Here’s Jesse Powell’s tweet:

“Mr. President, one could say the same of unregulated fiat currencies, like the privately operated US dollar. The advantage of cryptocurrencies is that they are predictable and transparent. Regulated or not, useful tools can be used for good and evil. Don’t let the US fall behind.”

Crypto exchange Gemini also responded and highlighted a quote from Tyler Winklevoss which was comparing the current financial system to the mechanisms that are powering BTC and crypto.

Someone told Allaire: “Next trump $btc tweet going to be, “though I am not a fan, I have authorized the treasury to purchase some $btc as a hedge- most purchases already done” @realDonaldTrump.”

Another follower responded: “You are very naive. This is bad. He did not say he IS a big fan. Can you open up your logic here? If he said he said he is a fan, would that be bearish????”

Anyway, regarding the price predictions for Bitcoin, most experts are bullish these days and say that we’re in for the big bulls.


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