It has been just revealed that the BNB Chain has just rolled out the testnet for a new Ethereum-compatible layer-2 solution. Check out the latest reports below.

BNB rolls out testnet for ETH solution

Binance’s BNB Chain has recently announced the launch of opBNB, a testnet for an Ethereum-compatible layer-2 solution. This new solution, based on the Optimism OP Stack, aims to tackle scalability issues and is set to go live today.

“opBNB is BSC’s (Binance Smart Chain) answer to the scalability challenge that has limited the mass adoption of blockchain technology. As an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible layer 2 chain, opBNB solution is based on Optimism OP Stack to further enhance BSC scalability while preserving affordability and security.”

BNB Chain explained further in a lengthy Twitter thread,

“opBNB leverages the power of the BNB Smart Chain infrastructure, providing developers with a robust toolset to achieve high throughput, low fees, and seamless scalability.

This Layer 2 solution unlocks limitless possibilities for decentralized applications.”

According to BNB Chain, the new layer-2 solution is able to process over 4,000 transactions per second at a cost of less than $0.005.

Ethereum could rally by about 50%

An important analyst who successfully rode the crypto market rally this year is outlining a scenario where Ethereum (ETH) could ascend to a level last witnessed in Q2 of 2022.

A strategy session led by a pseudonymous analyst named DonAlt has been shared with over 51,300 YouTube subscribers.

In the session, DonAlt suggests that for the leading smart contract platform, Ethereum, bullish investors must overcome the resistance at $1,940 to create momentum.

DonAlt predicts that if this resistance is surpassed, Ethereum could reach $2,500, a level that was last seen in early May 2022 before the collapse of the market caused by the Terra (LUNA) ecosystem’s implosion.

“$1,940 – that area was resistance. We got rejected by it, but if we come back up there, if you get even close to that, there’s a really, really high chance that we go to $2,500.”

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