According to new reports floating on the social media platform X, Apple could be banned from selling smartwatches in the US. Here are more details about this below.

Apple faces smartwatch issue in the US

A new tweet notes that Apple will be banned from selling smartwatches in the US beginning December 21st.

“Landmark Decision PROHIBITING APPLE from selling smartwatches in the United States beginning this week amid allegations of medical technology theft.”

The ruling comes as a legal dispute emerges over the technology Apple’s smartwatches use to run their blood oxygen feature.

Someone commented: “Doesn’t anyone find it strange that Apple provided the EKG “feature” to the watch just prior to covid. It’s almost like someone wanted access to our data so they could monitor *something* remotely … watching the results of *something* in real-time.”

A follower said: “When my heart went into a wonky ventricular rhythm, I saved it with my Apple Watch. I got treated bc I was able to print it out. When I went into a-fib, I saved it on my watch & blood thinners prevented a stroke. I think Apple is a pain in the ass, but the ECG technology is a lifesaver.”

It remains to be seen what will happen to Apple and its merch in the US.

Some say that Apple made sure to place all its eggs in China’s basket, and with the deglobalization that’s taking place, the company will no longer be able to get the chips needed in the US.

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