It’s been revealed that in a brand new video, Charles Hoskinson was celebrating the initiative that has been taken by the Cardano community.

IOHK CEO said that he’s really surprised by the immediate action after he made a proposal to the community just recently according to which the stake pool operators should be forming guilds in order to decentralize the network even more than it already is.

Good news can be analyzed below.

Two staking pool operators took the proposals

Crypto News Flash reported that two staking pool operators have taken his proposals and came up with a concept that’s called Spacra.

“Conceived as a guild for staking pools, Spacra will seek to fulfill the objective set by Hoskinson and be a channel for different groups in the Cardano community,” the online publication mentioned above noted.

Hoskinson said:

“In less than 24 hours it went from something hypothetical to something that people in the community took seriously and started to execute.”

He also said that he’s feeling humbled by Cardano’s roadmap and he added that it is “something very different” to see a project move from a possibility to a reality that users adopt with passion when they are “properly incentivized”.

Check out the original article in order to learn more details.

The future of blockchain

Now, the Cardano community talks about how the future will be changed with the help of Cardano. Check out the post that they shared:

Stay tuned to find out more details about the plans and achievements that the Cardano team will be making.

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