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Cardano Vs. EOS: Weiss Ratings Compares The Platforms 

Weiss Ratings just compared the smart contract platforms Cardano and EOS.

You probably know by now that EOS launched its blockchain last year, and the ratings agency said that Cardano now has the edge after they launched their incentivized testnet.

“Cardano is clearly superior to #EOS. EOS was first to market, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that of the two, Cardano is vastly superior…” according to Weiss Ratings.

They continue and explain that “Cardano completed the 1st snapshot and balance check for its incentivized Shelley testnet. This latest step toward staking will allow investors to earn rewards on their $ADA for the 1st time. Don’t forget to move your #ADA to Daedalus wallet if you want to participate.”

Weiss Ratings has been offering financial market research and analysis for more than 30 years.

Cardano in the news

Speaking of Cardano, it’s been revealed not too long ago that ADA adoption is intensifying.

Users will get the ability to shop online using Cardano’s ADA in order to make daily purchases.

Cardano announced ‘Pay with Ada’, “a new platform under development for merchants.”

This is really important, as you probably know by now that crypto adoption is one of the main goals in 2019.

The industry has been making a lot of moves that are taking it to the right path towards the achievement of this huge goal.

EOS was in the news a couple of months ago when Block.one has been fined for running an unregistered token sale.

According to the latest reports, the fine is of $24 million for the unregistered ICO in 2017 and 2018, reveals the Daily Hodl online publication.

Regarding ADA and EOS’s prices, at the moment of writing this article, things are looking as following:

EOS is trading in the red and it’s priced at $3.38 and ADA is trading in the green and the coin is priced at $0.044222.






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