Cardano is in the spotlight again after Charles Hoskinson made an interesting announcement. He told his Twitter followers that he’d be making a video on how to fix Twitter with Prism and the Cardano blockchain.

Check out his post below:

How to fix Twitter with Prism

Here’s the video that Hoskinson posted afterwards:

He got great feedback from followers.

A Twitter user said: “This would definitely help in an attack the like the one we saw. But this would also mean that imposter accounts could create verified tweets of their own, right? And use those to reply still.”

Hoskinson responded with: “Not they can’t. Only the registered did would be able to send verified tweets”

Someone else wrote: “Can we just build our own Twitter/YouTube on Cardano. It Has to have an incentive that makes people crazy not to use it over the others. Kinda like USB Robo taxi’s paying 30k a year. Kind of crazy to buy another car if my Tesla could pay itself off lol.”

It’s been recently reported a few days ago that Twitter has been hacked, and a lot of high profile accounts were controlled by the bad actor for a while. Twitter quickly took action and they kept people updated.

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