Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson Promises A Major Announcement By The End Of This Month

Cardano was recently in the spotlight after Charles Hoskinson addressed a few issues regarding the financial system.

Charles Hoskinson had an interview with Financial Fox, and the third part is out now.

He addressed the kind of crypto regulations that he wants to see adopted, and he also addresses the challenges and the impact of the mainstream adoption of cryptos.

“We’ve gotten to the point where regulators are really starting to realize that cryptocurrencies are a threat to sovereign currencies. And they are a threat to the way the financial order has been constructed.”

Cardano, the “Ethereum Killer”

Crypto enthusiasts already know that Cardano is one of the most promising blockchain projects.

Experts have agreed on this and even if Cardano is not in the top five, it’s still one of the few projects that stands a chance against Ethereum, as the online publication Smartereum notes.

This is one of the reasosn for which the project is called an “Ethereum Killer.”

Bullish predictions for ADA’s price

At the beginning of this year, says Cardano news section of the online publication, the price prediction for ADA was pretty bullish.

But, it’s important to note that things did not exactly go according to plan because as you probably know bny now, ADA’s price took a powerful hit against the USD.

Recently, Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson hopped on Twitter and made sure to tell his followers and the whole Cardano community that things are not that bad as they seem.

He said that by the end of the month he would make a grand announcement and as the term is near, everyone’s looking forward to this.

People showed massive excitement in the comments section, and they also made a lot of speculations on what this huge announcement could be.

Some even joked and said that this announcement is like Tron’s Justin Sun ones.

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