Coinbase is making headlines again. Check out the latest reports about he crypto exchange below.

Coinbase makes headlines again

US-based crypto exchange Coinbase says a newly-listed Ethereum (ETH) gaming altcoin is now up and running.

After abruptly adding support for the new crypto asset Prime (PRIME), the exchange said it realized the altcoin was experiencing “downgraded trading functionality.”

According to the notes coming from the Daily Hodl, it has been revealed the following: “Trading was briefly paused, and Coinbase has now released an update saying that the issue has been resolved. PRIME is an Ethereum-based altcoin developed by the Echelon Prime Foundation, a non-profit organization that aims to bolster the growth of the gaming space.”

Echelon’s website said the fact that the firm “creates and distributes tools to encourage innovation in, and promote the growth of, novel gaming models and economies.”

PRIME serves as both the utility and governance token of games within the Echelon ecosystem.

Coinbase in the news – exec addresses BTC and ETH

One of Coinbase’s top executives says that institutional investors may be more open to crypto assets beyond Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) than people realize.

Speaking in a live stream with crypto analyst Scott Melker, Coinbase’s head of institutional research David Duong made sure to explain the fact that nearly half of all the institutional flows on Coinbase are going toward assets other than BTC and ETH.

“My remit is broader than just Bitcoin, and what I’m seeing right now, just in terms of flows that we’re seeing from our institutional clients on our exchange, 55% of this is still on Bitcoin and ETH, but that would mean that the remainder is still in altcoins, so there’s still a lot of attention being paid to what’s happening in the rest of the ecosystem outside of just Bitcoin and Ethereum.”

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