It has been revealed the fact that Coinbase’s International volumes have just topped $280 M in just a single day. This shows us that they have managed to pick up at last.

According to data from The Block’s data dashboard, Coinbase’s derivatives exchange situated offshore has experienced a surge in volumes, reaching up to $300 million per day.

Coinbase’s derivates exchange sees massive rise in volumes

The platform, which commenced trading in perpetual futures contracts in May, has witnessed a daily volume of over $100 million since August 14. On August 18, the platform’s volumes peaked at $287 million.

The introduction of the new platform is part of Coinbase’s attempt to hasten its global expansion, as stated in the exchange’s Q2 earnings report.

These expansion endeavors have taken place amidst a more uncertain regulatory environment in the US, along with Coinbase’s ongoing legal conflict with the Securities and Exchange Commission, which sued the company in June.

According to the firm’s shareholder letter, they have successfully brought on board 50 institutions to their new market and traded $5.5 billion within the first seven weeks.

The letter also mentions that they are working towards adding new features and products to the market in the second half of the year, including additional asset trading books and spot trading.

The firm is committed to partnering with high-standard global regulators and is encouraging the US to adopt regulatory frameworks similar to those found in emerging crypto hubs.

The Block’s data dashboard shows a decline in bitcoin futures volumes across derivative exchanges, from $1.3 trillion in March to $608 billion in July.

New reports about daily transactions are out

According to data from each solution’s block explorer, Base recorded 617,330 transactions while Optimism recorded 438,559 and Arbitrum recorded 544,575.

However, both Optimism and Arbitrum have since surpassed Base in daily transaction counts. Base’s highest record of daily transactions occurred on August 10th, when it recorded 757,294 transactions.

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