Crypto Adoption Explosion: Solana (SOL) Can Bring 1 Billion New Users To Crypto

Crypto Adoption Explosion: Solana (SOL) Can Bring 1 Billion New Users To Crypto

The mass adoption of digital assets continues to boom despite the massive volatility that we see in the crypto space these days. Check out the latest reports about crypto adoption involving Solana.

SOL helps with crypto adoption

It’s been revealed that a popular crypto analyst said not too long ago that Ethereum (ETH) rival Solana (SOL) could be on its way to bringing a billion more users to the digital asset space.

In a new strategy session, the host of InvestAnswers says that Solana’s history of network outages comes because of the fact that the project continuously tests the limits of blockchain beyond what has been done before.

According to the analyst, Solana is “not just another chain.” More than that, the digital asset has the potential to spark the next big wave of adoption in the industry.

“[Anatoly Yakovenko and Raj Gokal’s] goal is to bring one billion on to blockchain and yes, it’s only achievable by testing limits and these guys have the credentials to pull it off…”

He continued and said this:

“Web2 had lots of crashes. It’s normal. It’s part of development when you push the limits of anything. I always use the Formula One analogy – the cars that are the fastest sometimes have the engines that blow up the quickest, as is Ferrari this season…”

He continued and explained:

“But again, think about the chain. Think about the scale. Yes, the code needs improvement. Yes, stability is key. It’s still in beta. It’s still a very young chain, and the adoption is way beyond my wildest dreams as of March 2021. Did I think that [Solana would] be eating Ethereum’s lunch at this rate? Nope.”

It’s also worth noting the fact that the analyst has long been bullish on Solana. He also named the project Ethereum’s number one competitor.




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