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EOS (EOS) Is a Scam, Ethereum (ETH) Is Stupid, While Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Is Useless, Thinks Jimmy Song

In an interview with Crypto Insider, the renowned Bitcoin (BTC) developer and educator Jimmy Song expressed his opinions on some of the most popular altcoin in the cryptocurrencies market. According to him, EOS (EOS) is a scam, Ethereum (ETH) is amateurish and stupid, while Bitcoin Cash (BCH) “has no reason to exist.”

However, Jimmy Song thinks the blockchain industry developed very fast over the last years, but not every cryptocurrency project is fair or useful in his vision.

EOS (EOS) is a scam

Crypto Insider’s Vlad Costea asked Jimmy Song how it was working on Bitcoin (BTC) in comparison to other blockchain projects such as EOS (EOS).

“Well, I think EOS (EOS) is a scam, and I don’t think you should work on it. Working on something like EOS, I don’t think it’s a real idea because it will die in a horrible dumpster fire in the next five years,” Jimmy Song said.

Ethereum (ETH) is amateurish and stupid

Jimmy Song continued by criticizing the Ethereum (ETH) network which, according to him, is a platform for scammers, and its devs are amateurish, stupid, and uninterested in technological development.

“Ethereum, I think it’s a platform for these scams, and that’s more or less their killer feature. I don’t think it’s technologically very interesting, most of the features that they have done are done in a very amateurish way. Like adding Turing completeness, that’s not used by anybody. It’s stupid,” Song said.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is useless and “has no reason to exist”

When Vlad Costea asked Jimmy about his opinions on Bitcoin Cash (BCH), the latter criticized this project, too. According to him, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is useless and “fiat money.”

“Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has no reason to exist. I wrote an article called ‘Bitcoin Cash is fiat money,’ please go read that if you want to see my arguments about why I think Bitcoin Cash is worthless or it doesn’t really have any value to anybody,” added Jimmy Song.

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