It has been revealed that accoridng to the latest predicitons, both Ethereum and Solana are getting ready for massive rallies. Check out the latest reports about this below.

New crypto rallies are announced

An analyst who accurately predicted the lowest point for Bitcoin (BTC) during the downtrend in 2018 is now claiming that Solana (SOL), a competitor of Ethereum (ETH), is poised for significant price growth.

The analyst, who goes by the name Bluntz on Twitter and has a following of 223,500, suggests that Solana is showing signs of replicating the explosive surge that Bitcoin experienced earlier this year.

According to Bluntz, Solana could potentially reach $100 by October if it continues on its current trajectory. Bluntz even considered going all-in on SOL for a few months.

The current trading price for SOL is $25.71, indicating a potential increase of over 288% if it reaches Bluntz’s projected target.

In addition, Bluntz believes that Ethereum has the potential to experience a significant breakout rally against Bitcoin (ETH/BTC).

The breakout of the ETH/BTC wedge that has been building up for almost a year is expected to be magnificent. Personally, I believe it may have already reached its lowest point and I am excited about the potential for it to rise above 0.07 BTC ($2,101).

However, he believes that many people are not prepared for this event and may be taken by surprise.

Ethereum in the news

A YouTuber named DonAlt, with over 52,200 subscribers, has revealed his trading strategy for Ethereum. He notes that Ethereum is presently consolidating below its crucial resistance level of $1,935.

DonAlt predicts that if Ethereum stays at its current price, it may eventually break out.

He also states that Ethereum is consolidating in a region where it is acceptable, as this resistance level should produce a downward trend. Although Ethereum has shown slight dips a few times, it has not had any significant impact so far.

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