It has been revealed that the Ethereum rival Solana’s price could explode by 100%. Check out the latest reports about this below.

Solana price analysis

A well-known crypto trader predicts that a top-10 altcoin could experience a significant price surge in the midst of a rebounding crypto market.

Bluntz, a crypto analyst with a large Twitter following of 223,000, has expressed his positive sentiment towards Solana (SOL), a competitor to Ethereum (ETH).

Bluntz noted that SOL has completed an Elliot Wave Theory three-wave correction pattern and has bounced back from a major support level.

The Elliott Wave theory suggests that asset price trends typically follow a five-wave pattern, with corrections occurring in a three-wave pattern.

“One of the altcoins I’m liking here is SOL.

Solid strong reaction from a major support level, clean three-wave move down on high time frames.

I think this has potential for 100% upside, and I rarely call shit like that.”

Solana is trading at $16.75 at time of writing.

Regarding the price of Bitcoin (BTC), the pseudonymous analyst says that the flagship crypto asset is flashing a bullish signal on the daily chart.

“Beautiful downtrend/bull flag breakout on daily.

I think it’s time to start taking some more risk again.”

Bitcoin price analysis

At the moment of writing this article, BTC is trading in the green and the king coin is priced at $30,305.

According to crypto strategist Jason Pizzino, Bitcoin’s next surge upwards is inevitable. In a recent strategy session, Pizzino explains that Bitcoin is currently in the latter stages of a Wyckoff accumulation pattern.

This pattern indicates that Bitcoin is forming a strong base for an imminent bull market. Pizzino also notes that Bitcoin is probably in Phase D of the Wyckoff accumulation, a phase characterized by a rally towards the top of the trading range, followed by a retracement to a vital support level.

Pizzino highlighted the fact that Bitcoin surged to the top of the trading range ($30,000) prior to its pullback to below $25,000.

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