It has been just revealed the fact that Ethereum will come out as the winner of the stablecoin wars, according to the latest reports about the crypto market. Check out the latest news about this below.

ETH to come out victorious

According to a crypto market analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence, it seems highly likely that Ethereum (ETH) will emerge victorious in the upcoming stablecoin competition.

Jamie Coutts shared their opinion on social media platform X, stating that Ethereum, along with its ecosystem which includes layer-2 projects like Optimism (OP), Base and Arbitrum (ARB), outperforms all other alternative networks for most network-adoption metrics.

Coutts does mention, however, that transferring Tether (USDT), the most valuable stablecoin by market cap, is considerably more expensive on Ethereum compared to other networks, especially layer-2s.

“ETH’s rollup-centric scaling roadmap will make L2 transactions even cheaper (10-100X) next year with EIP-4844 (proto-danksharding).”

It has been suggested by a Bloomberg analyst that PayPal may develop its own layer-2 network in the future.

Recently, PayPal introduced a new stablecoin called PYUSD. It has been noted that the use of stablecoins is rapidly increasing, and the number of stablecoin users could surpass the number of Bitcoin users in the next 3-5 years.

This is due to the integration of stablecoins by merchant companies, product innovation, and scaling.

A more accurate measure of adoption is the number of addresses holding a stablecoin balance greater than $1, which has just reached an all-time high of approximately 17.4 million. Since 2021, these addresses have gone up by 7X, outstripping Bitcoin and Ethereum growth.

A well-known crypto strategist, known as Credible Crypto, has stated that Ethereum has already reached the bottom of the bear market.

Credible Crypto, who has over 345,900 followers on the social media platform X, believes that Ethereum has established a price floor after last week’s marketwide correction.

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