Who brought home the bacon in 2018? We’ve picked out 11 of the best ICOs from 2018 in terms of their return.

Don’t live in the past when you check this out; that’s a pointless exercise. Instead, use this knowledge to fuel you to invest in current or upcoming ICOs (you can find a perpetual rolling list over at https://icowatchlist.com/).

Tezos (XTZ) raised a monstrous $232 million, but, out of our picks, only came in last place with a return of 253.7%.

Conversely, Stratis (STRAT) would have returned you a mind-blowing 23,629.35% return on your investment, yet they only raised $590k”

Feast your eyes on our rundown of the top 11:


Infographic source: https://icowatchlist.com

11 Biggest ICO ROIs Of 2018

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