Tron’s founder Justin Sun says that he’s expecting to launch the next phase of the company’s $20 million buyback plan soon.

He is also reportedly planning to reschedule his lunch with Warren Buffet.

Justin Sun’s famous lunch with Warren Buffet, rescheduled

You may recall that Sun apologized following the failure regarding the Warren Buffet lunch.

As you already know, he was supposed to meet with Buffet on July 25 and he even invited more friends with him, and he even wrote to President Donald Trump to invite him as well.

Back in July, it was reported that Sun is unable to attend the lunch due to some disturbing reasons. Sun addressed the issues online.

Tron’s buyback plan was revealed back in June

Tron’s multi-million dollar buyback plan has been announced for the very first time back on June 25, 2019.

This new phase is designed to promote the developments of Tron’s blockchain ecosystem.

Sun’s announcement met some pretty harsh criticism on Twitter where people have been voicing their concerns about Tron’s marketing efforts.

The community was worried about “Tron’s Tesla giveaway snafu, the canceled lunch with Buffett, announcements of upcoming announcements, a sinking TRX price relative to other altcoins and Tron’s slide to the 14th position, as reasons for a tarnished reputation,” according to the online publication the Daily Hodl.

Here’s Sun’s tweet regarding the buyback plan:

Community feedback

As we said above, a lot of Sun’s followers are still upset due to the issues mentioned, but there are also a lot of supporters as well.

Someone said: “At least someone will finally be buying $TRX then.
When will you announce the announcement of the announcement of the next phase?”

Another Twitter user posted: “Mistakes made affect the current situation. Who wants to withdraw the free path (so do not pump the value now, because more will go away) In 2020 burn more TRX & BTT & WIN. And keep your mouth shut when you are tempted to burn another foolishness. Good luck.”

Someone else wrote: “2020 will be crucial for trx supporters. No one knows whether the “frozen” trx will be dumped into the market or not. And, the foundation didn’t state that they won’t do it so. Anyway, can’t blame him if he chose to do a final cashout and enjoy the rest of his life.”

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