Litecoin – The Altcoin Asia Loves Because of Its Scalability

It’s becoming one of the hottest questions on peoples lips as 2017 starts to draw to a close. Should people by Litecoin? Or should they buy it’s bigger market cap and still more talked about little sister Ethereum?

For digital currency investors, a year which has seen the current Bitcoin value start pointing its nose at $10,000, is starting to feel fraught with tension. Something big is about to happen. What is more, that something big seems to be about to happen with Litecoin (LTC). The only question is, should people buy Litecoin or get out now while they still can?

Litecoin Scalability – The One Thing People Should be Talking About but Aren’t

If you are looking to buy Litecoin, it is easy to have last minute misgivings.

Digital currency trends, after all, can reverse in literally the blink of an eye. What people new to the cryptocurrency market need to be doing, however, is looking beyond the current Litecoin value and comparisons of it with cryptocurrencies like Etereum and Bitcoin.

Litecoin isn’t like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Litecoin is, for all intents and purposes, technologically superior. This is because Litecoin is fully scalable. In fact, as it is, the Litecoin blockchain itself can automatically scale to meet the demands of growing Litecoin users, regardless of how much increased processing power such users might burden it with. What is more, it is for this reason that Asia especially is ramping up adoption of the altcoin.

What Hong Kong Cryptocurrency Exchange Gatecoin has to Say

As testimony to the technological superiority of Litecoin, Hong Kong cryptocurrency exchange Gatecoin recently said of its listing of Litecoin, “Litecoin’s SegWit integration fixes transaction malleability and facilitates long-term and secure scaling solutions.” What is more, Gatecoin specifically cited increased investor interest as its top reason for listing the digital currency alongside other tokens.

Litecoin and its Potential for 1700% Gains in 2018

Of course, the biggest difference between Litecoin and digital currency offerings like Ethereum regards the fact that overall, Litecoin is much less volatile. In fact, it is precisely Litecoin’s lower volatility which makes many investors see Litecoin as a safer long-term investment. This is not to say, however, that significant Litecoin returns aren’t possible in the very near future.

If we rewind to November 2016, we go back in time to a year where Ethereum was struggling to hold it’s head above $8.30 per token, while Litecoin was trading at similarly low $4.20. Since this time, Litecoin has made gains of over 1700%. Much more importantly, Litecoin has made such gains without the benefit of increased exchange adoption and/or the kind of new technological innovations which will only really start coming into play on Litecoins behalf in 2018.

How Asia & Constant Innovation are Going to Shape Litecoin in 2018

Because Asian exchanges like Gatecoin in Hong Kong and Coinone in South Korea have only just started to list Litecoin, it isn’t going to be until springtime 2018, that Litecoin really starts exploding in growth the same way that Ethereum did in 2017. Unlike Ethereum, however, people looking to buy Litecoin can rest assured that the digital currency is fully prepared to bear the weight of increased adoption.

Bottlenecking of transactions on Litecoin simply isn’t possible like it is on Ethereum or Bitcoin. What is more, it is this and new Atomic Swap capabilities which allow other digital assets to be converted into Litecon instantly, which is sparking explosive Litecoin interest in the Far East. All investors have to do to cash in on a looming price rise, is remember to buy and hold now while they still have an opportunity to do so.


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