There are some massive surges around the corner for Litecoin and Chainlink. Check out the latest reports about digital assets’ prices here.

Massive surges for Litecoin and Chainlink

An experienced crypto strategist predicts significant gains for both Litecoin (LTC) and Chainlink (LINK), with potential increases of over 100%. Michaël van de Poppe, an analyst with a large Twitter following, believes that Litecoin’s recent rise and technical breakthroughs indicate a bullish trend.

He suggests that Litecoin could reach as high as $250, representing a potential increase of over 135% from its current value of $106.

“Litecoin looks great.

– Breaking through 200-week moving average and (200-week) exponential moving average.
– Breaking $100 resistance.
– New yearly highs.

Targets are $180 and $250 on this run; most likely, first will be the end.”

Van de Poppe observes that the decentralized oracle network, Chainlink, has successfully recovered its critical support level at $6 following a drop to a low of approximately $5 in 2023.

He believes that this bullish recovery indicates LINK is about to initiate an upward trend that could push its value to as high as $15, representing a significant increase of over 127% from its current price of $6.60.

“Chainlink is back in the range.

Flipped $6 for support, through which we’re on the edge of taking out many highs and expansion to the upside.”

Rekt Capital, who has a significant following on Twitter, suggests that LTC is currently on track to reach a level not seen since January 2022, thanks to its current market pattern.

The analyst notes that LTC’s recent breakthrough of the major resistance at $93 indicates that the altcoin could possibly reach $140 prior to its next halving event.

“LTC pre-halving rally is well on its way.

LTC is following the green path very well so far.”

The upcoming halving event for Litecoin, scheduled for August 2nd, is typically considered a reason for optimism as it reduces miners’ rewards by 50%.

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