Mastercard Executive: Crypto Mass Adoption Is Coming

Mastercard Executive: Crypto Mass Adoption Is Coming

The mass adoption of crypto is going great these days and things will only get better according to the latest reports. Check out the latest news about the mass crypto adoption and the blockchain adoption as well.

Crypto mass adoption

An important executive at one of the leading credit card companies in the world Mastercard, is weighing on what it would take for the industry to adopt blockchain technology on a mass scale.

During a new interview hosted by the Avalanche (AVAX) YouTube channel, the vice president of Mastercard Harold Bossé responds to the question of when major financial institutions will be ready to adopt cryptos in a widespread manner.

He does this by explaining the importance of current user demographics and the mainstream perception of the space.

“It’s only going to happen and I think it’s going to happen a little bit sooner than later, given the situation of the crypto assets right now, because it’s about the expansion to new demographics.”

He also said the following:

“We know that today the individuals that are using, consuming, sending digital assets around the world, there are specific types of demographics. They are early adopters and new adopters, they are becoming more and more democratized, but we haven’t yet made the switch towards mass market.”

He explained that this is going to be a very important aspect of the decision by financial institutions to move into the space.

He made sure to highlight the fact that this is related to perception and some demographics are interested a lot in cryptos.

“The reason why it is interesting to leverage digital assets for cross-border activities and that might pivot the perspective of the bank,” he said.

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