Monero (XMR) Mining Malware Can Hide From Task Manager

Hidden malware has been and will continue to remain a threat.

The latest reports coming from Cryptovest claim that the Varonis Security Research has recently discovered a new strain of mining malware that’s able to disguise the mining for Monero on consumer electronics or networks.

Norman can infect a whole company network

It’s been reported that this malware is called Norman and it managed to infect an entire company network.

“We found a large-scale infection of crypto miners; almost every server and workstation in the company was infected,” shared Varonis.

It’s been also reported that the infection was able to spread to almost all devices within the company over a year.

This malware also showed a new form of sophistication and it was able to avoid analysis and detection by shutting down whenever Task Manager attempted to list all processes. After that, it relaunched its process.

It seems that users on the network saw the effects of a crypto miner which include slowed down network and system performance.

Varonis was hired to explore this activity and that’s how they were able to discover the malware.

Researchers reportedly went through the system manually in order to discover the virus.

This new discovery revealed that hidden mining is not gone and on the other hand, it’s evolving.

Monero upcoming event

Other than this, the Monero community is waiting for a pretty exciting event.

The Monero community is looking forward to an event that is scheduled for this month.

If you will be in Toronto Canada and you want to learn about Monero and cryptos then the best thing that you can do is go to this meetup which is sponsored by Cake Wallet.

Other than that, Monero enthusiasts are hoping that the privacy-oriented coin’s price will recover after the bloodbath that the whole cryptosphere suffered these past few days.


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