It has just been revealed the fact that there is a new price target for Solana out these days. Check out the latest reports about this below.

SOL price target is out for 2030

VanEck, a digital assets manager, has released a report that outlines its predictions for Solana (SOL), a potential competitor to Ethereum (ETH), by 2030.

Analysts Matthew Sigel and Patrick Bush from VanEck have praised Solana’s founders for their success in scaling blockchain through experimentation and applied science.

Unlike other chains that have chosen scaling paths that skillfully bypass the limitations of distributed ledgers, Solana has instead opted to push the limits of technological feasibility and work backward from there.

The Ethereum ecosystem and many others have chosen a modular vision where different blockchains specialize in the core functions of a layer-1 chain.

Solana has been making significant progress by focusing on optimizing every component of its blockchain to deliver hyper-efficient transaction throughput.

As a result, Solana is far more capable than its legacy competitors in terms of blockchain processing capabilities.

It is also important that we note the fact that that, according to the online publication the Daily Hodl, Solana’s pioneering spirit has translated into an ecosystem philosophy of risk-taking and techno-optimism, which is of paramount importance.

The analysts have laid out three potential scenarios for Solana that could unfold over the remainder of the 2020s: a bear, base, and bullish case.

DonAlt, a top crypto trader, believes that Solana (SOL) is poised for a breakout after its initial rally, as it appears likely to surpass a key resistance level.

However, the move to the upside for SOL is dependent on Bitcoin (BTC) holding support levels after its recent significant move to the upside, according to DonAlt’s analysis.

“Solana/USD knocking on heaven’s door here [at $32.98], again. I think that should break, same as what Chainlink (LINK) did, as long as Bitcoin can keep holding up. So, Solana looking good on the USD pair. It keeps on making higher lows.”

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