Ripple had a great year so far, and the San Francisco-based company has been enjoying increased adoption of its products and more partnerships.

The company has also been working really hard to boost the XRP ecosystem and all that Ripple enthusiasts and XRP army of fans are waiting for these days is to see the many achievements that the company had so far and the increased XRP adoption mirrored in the price of the digital asset as well.

Ripple expands its presence in South America

It’s been just reported that the money transfer company called Currency Bird said that they are the first in Chile to join RippleNet.

Currency Bird is joining over 200 banks and financial institutions which are using Ripple’s tech in order to power cross-border payments.

The company said that this partnership will be allowing new payment routes and it will also enhance the speed and cost of international remittances.

“The addition to Ripple Net will bring many benefits for the more than 12,000 Currency Bird customers, as it will allow the company to add new routes to its more than 50 destinations, new currencies, better prices and faster transfer speeds, all using the technology developed by Ripple based on blockchain, which allows the transfer of digital data with sophisticated and secure coding.”

It’s also worth noting that the company went live on RippleNet this month after they signed an agreement with the company back in March.

Coinfield integrated the XRP Tip Bot

In other news regarding the Ripple adoption, Coinfield crypto payment processor said that they just integrated the XRP Tip Bot.

The company will be using this bot which has been created by Wietse Wind as you probably know by now.

Wietse Wind has been extremely supportive of XRP and he has been boosting the whole ecosystem for quite a while now.

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