Ripple and VeChain have been two successful projects along the way, and they have been gaining increased interest from crypto enthusiasts.

Now, there are some rumors floating around claiming that these two might consider teaming up.

The potential partnership between VeChain and Ripple

The online publication Crypto News Flash mentions a rumor that came up in the crypto community these days.

The note that this rumor probably flew under the radar for many, but at the same time it could definitely be exciting for many crypto fans if it turns out to be accurate: a possible partnership between VeChain and Ripple.

The online publication mentions “Crypto Eri” who reported via Twitter, that SBI Holdings is planning to move into the VeChain space:

They also note the fact that Crypto Eri cited an article from the Japanese Bittimes as a source.

The article reveals that SBI Holdings will build a blockchain solution together with CTIA Co, Ltd, which handles the blockchain business, and Hakusho Market Co, Ltd, which exports Japanese rice:

“Once the proof experiment is complete, SBI Holdings and CTIA will build a supply chain platform for rice export, and Hakusho Market will export and sell rice to North America, Hong Kong and Singapore,” as cited by the same online publication.

They conclude that the result could involve VeChain and Ripple teaming up.

We recommend that you check out the original article, in order to learn more details about this interesting claim.

Other than this, the VeChain Foundations was one of the entities that have been hit by the Twitter hack.

Check out more details about the issue.

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