It has just been reported the fact that Ripple has a new partnership on board. Check out the latest reports about this below.

Ripple announces new partnership

Ripple Labs has announced its collaboration with the National Bank of Georgia to launch the country’s first central bank digital currency (CBDC) pilot program.

The project aims to develop a digital version of Georgia’s national currency, Lari (GEL). According to Ripple’s blog post, the National Bank of Georgia has selected Ripple as its partner for this project.

“The pilot will experiment with Ripple’s CBDC technology and evaluate the practical use cases to gauge potential benefits for the public sector, businesses and retail users…

NBG explained that it chose Ripple to support its national digital currency pilot due to its ‘deep understanding of the project’s purposes and use cases, as well as a full commitment to the project’s success, sustainable business continuity, clear project development roadmap, and gradual deployment approach to use-cases.’”

Ripple launched its platform for Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) earlier this year in May. The platform is powered by the XRP Ledger and it aims to demonstrate to financial institutions and governments how CBDCs can be seamlessly minted, managed, transacted and redeemed. These are some of the features that the National Governing Body (NGB) wants to test and evaluate.

“Ripple was chosen as NBG’s single technology partner during a rigorous selection process involving nine shortlisted companies which were assessed on their capabilities to support the pilot.

Now that the selection phase is complete, NBG will move to the pilot stage to test the Ripple CBDC platform in a live environment to enable them to evaluate select use cases.”

James Wallis, the Vice President of Central Bank Engagements at Ripple, recently stated that the National Bank of Georgia is at the forefront of exploring the potential of blockchain technology to take its economy into the digital era.

This pilot project, which uses the Ripple CBDC Platform, is expected to set the stage for significant advancements in the utilization of blockchain technology within the public sector.

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