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Ripple (XRP) – Why BTC Might Want To Start Getting a Little Terrified

Our recent article ‘Could Ripple XRP Be About to Hit Mainstream Retailers,’ was received with some controversy. In that article, however, we simply looked objectively at how over 2017, Ripple (XRP) executives have been positioned in a way which is suggestive of a future attempt to dominate various world retail payment markets.

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Fast forwarding just 24-hours and it looks like this might already be happening.

After initially partnering with Singapore bank Standard Chartered and UEA Rakbank on November 22nd, Axis bank in India has begun rolling out Ripple based instant retail payment channels. What should perhaps be of more concern to Bitcoin, however, is the fact that Ripple (XRP) isn’t satisfied with just monopolizing the Indian retail market. To top that, Ripple XRP now also wants a slice of cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase.

Will a Petition Soon See Ripple be Given the Spotlight on Coinbase?

At present, people looking to buy Ripple XRP can only do so by either buying Bitcoin and exchanging this via Changelly, or by using internationally scattered exchanges such as Kraken, Gatehub, and Bitstamp. In July, however, a petition was started to have Ripple XRP also listed on Coinbase. What is more, this petition has already received over $10,000 signatures, at least 6,000 of which just came out in support of the petition after it was featured on Ripple’s own Twitter feed.

The Difference Between a Bitcoin Breakout and a Ripple Breakout will be that the Latter is Planned to Precision

As it stands, it is starting to look like Ripple has something very big planned for 2018. Much more importantly, what people need to understand is that a Ripple break out won’t look anything like a Bitcoin break out.

At present, Ripple is sat in the corner of the cryptocurrency classroom like the odd one out who everyone suspects will turn out a bit odd when he grows up. What people don’t realize, though, is that while the limelight of popularity is falling at the center of the stage on Bitcoin, Ripple XRP is planning.

On November 1st, 2017, while all eyes were glued to a $5,000 Bitcoin, Ripple was hosting a Fintech cross-border payments conference at the Carnegie Hall in New York, attendees of which included IMF representatives. Much more importantly, while Bitcoin has spent 2017 arguing about segwit 2x and forking three different ways, Ripple has simply sat quietly and became the first ever digital currency to become compliant with most worldwide monetary standards and regulations.

In short, when Ripple breaks out, it could very well tear Bitcoin to shreds in a matter of hours. In fact, it could well be like putting a shark in a Koi pond.

Why Bitcoin & Altcoins Like Litecoin Need to Start Competing More Against Ripple

At present, Litecoin is the only digital currency on the cryptocurrency market which seems to be striving toward anything like a real-world vision of mass market adoption. This is because at being able to process 56 transactions per second, Litecoin is the only top market cap (and decentralized) digital currency which can compete with anything like Ripple XRP and its 15,000 transactions per second.

Of course, many digital currency enthusiasts still refuse to acknowledge the growing threat and potential of Ripple, simply out of principle.  While, however, Bitcoin and others might have pioneered the future, it is important to remember that if Bitcoin really wants to continue to play a part in the future as it envisions it, it will need to start innovating at some point.

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  • alex says:

    great article!, but its 1500 transactions per second, not 15000 altough i do wish it was that much

  • Admin says: is currently hiring crypto writers if you are interested please email [email protected] for more info

  • CJ Grey says:

    Actually CURRENTLY 1500 tx/sec and ON LEDGER. This 1500 number is likely to push to 2000 or more. Additionally, there is the Payment Channels feature of Ripple that can handle 45,0000+ tx/sec… rivaling legacy payment networks such as VISA.

  • JoeStrange says:

    Haven’t seen any of the so-called ‘experts’ address the issue that the Ripple Blockchain doesn’t necessarily need to be connected directly to the XRP AltCoin.
    My understanding is that those who wish to use the Ripple blockchain to power their transactions don’t necessarily have to get involved with the XRP AltCoin, at all. If I am correct, why have I not seen Ripple addressing this issue and explaining the difference between ‘investing’ in the AltCoin and the ‘investment
    and return’ that will be applicable only to those developing the Ripple blockchain?
    I have been researching the disparity between the blockchains tied to their corresponding AltCoin currency and those that are independent of the currency, but have found little information provided by those who are actually in control of whether the investors in the AltCoin or the BlockChain development will…*make*out*like*bandits*…
    My condolences to those who invested heavily in the Tezos ICO scam because of ‘crypto experts’ who waved their pom-poms like prepubescent cheerleaders while the Brietmanns raked in a few hundred million which was immediately transferred to banks in foreign countries, out of the reach of the SEC.
    Oops! CryptoCurrency is entering a ‘volatile’ stage, so I have to go protect my investment. Oh, gee. My exchange is having ‘overload’ issues and is not available, because when their user base tripled they didn’t understand that they might need to upgrade their servers and bandwidth capacity to keep up.
    Oh, well. I’m sure that the devs and software engineers will bring the site back up after they have *made certain that their *own* investments are protected*…
    I hate to be cynical (that’s a *lie*…I *love* to be cynical), but the Crypto ‘experts’ in the Lame$tream CryptoMedia rate right up there with the CIA analysts who were *dumbfounded* when Communism folded like a busted flush in the Soviet Union.
    I’m looking forward to the Op-Eds from the CryptoMedia explaining *why* I went broke listening to their advice…

    • Nelson says:

      Ripple CEO has been clear and enphatical lately that XRP is part of their strategy. When clients change to xRapid they WILL HAVE TO use XRP.

      • JoeStrange says:

        Nelson: Thanks for the info. Search engines are too busy trying to sell us penis enlargement products to give us the information we are actually searching for. I have always been impressed by the fact that Ripple has a purpose and a goal, as opposed to the apparent ‘motto’ of some AltCoins, which seems to be, “Gamble on us and you ‘might’ get *lucky*…”

  • Nelson says:

    Litecoin = 56 tx x sec, Ripple = 1500 tx x sec… Are you serius? It Can’t compete with Ripple, at least not now with 56 tx… it’s another level… Morover, Ripple doesn’t need miners, it’s not proof of work, so it’s an efficient technology.

    StellarLumens (xlm) = 1000 tx x sec. Partnered with IBM. YES, they can compete with Ripple. Stellar forked from Ripple, thats a good competitor… you didn’t even name them.

    The future is already here, but people doesn’t see it yet.. they continue buying old mainframes (bitcoin).

  • Cedric says:

    Ripple XRP is a good Payment system, BUT:
    – Not a Blockchain
    – Unlimited supply (no scarcity)
    – Centralized, company owned & Controlled.
    I give discount on most cryptopayments in my swiss french hotel restaurant in Cambodia, but not on XRP (even if I hodl some…)
    I have trust in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, Etherum to gain value = get discount..
    On the other hand, I firmly refuse Bcrash and BitConnect scamcoins.
    Bitcoin is the Saving account, Litcoin is the petty cash and with Lightning Networks and Atomic Swaps, they will walk hand in hand.

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