It has been just revealed that Solana and Ethereum might show off an amazing competition, but the question is who would win. Check out the latest reports about this below.


According to an undisclosed cryptocurrency investor, Solana (SOL) – a competitor of Ethereum (ETH) – remains a strong contender in the smart contract platform game.

In a recent InvestAnswers video, the anonymous host, with a following of 444,000 on YouTube, questions whether ETH is truly 40 times superior to SOL, given that ETH’s market cap is currently worth 40 times more than SOL’s.

“Ethereum is 40x more valuable than Solana.

The market cap is 40x larger, and if you include all the layer twos (I got Optimism, Matic, Arbitrum, etc.) it’s a lot more. It’s like 50 x larger. The question is, does all the data make sense?

My take is that my eighth position is four times larger than my Solana position, and my Bitcoin position is four times larger than my ETH position. This gives you an idea of how I structure things.”

The analyst continued and stated the following:

“But if Solana can stay afloat and if there is no SOL killer to come out better, cheaper, faster, and scale more, and have more DApps (decentralized apps), then based on this data, Ethereum could have a challenger ahead…

Just ask yourself, is Ethereum 40x better because it has 40x the market cap?”

According to the analyst, although Ethereum is still considered the smart contract of the future, Solana has the potential to establish its unique market position and thrive in the industry.

“I think the future will be very simple. You’re going to have a consumer chain that also runs big businesses like stock exchanges, etc. And you’ll have Ethereum as the big heavy chain that does big heavy transactions, not unlike Bitcoin.

Either way, Solana is still there. It’s still standing.”

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