It has been revealed the fact that Solana could see the same parabolic gains as Ethereum. Check out the latest reports about this below.

Solana could match Ethereum’s 2021 gains

According to a popular crypto trader, there’s a chance that Solana (SOL) could follow the same price pattern as Ethereum (ETH) did in 2020-21.

The anonymous analyst, known as Inmortal, shares with his 194,900 Twitter followers that Solana’s current price trend could be similar to ETH’s before it skyrocketed from $400 to almost $5,000 in just a few months.

“ETH vs SOL. If you remember this fractal, you’re a bear market OG.”

According to Inmortal’s analysis, Solana may surge beyond its previous peak after surpassing the $60 resistance level, similar to ETH’s rise to $400 before reaching new highs in late 2020. Currently, Solana’s trading price is $19.71, which has increased by 3.3% in the last 24 hours.

Kaleo, a well-known anonymous analyst, is also optimistic about Solana’s future. Kaleo has shared with his 593,100 Twitter followers that he anticipates Solana’s upward momentum against Bitcoin (BTC).

He said that he’s impressed by how SOL has recovered from the hit it took during the fallout of the FTX debacle, and how its ecosystem has rapidly developed over the last several months.


According to an undisclosed cryptocurrency investor, Solana (SOL) – a competitor of Ethereum (ETH) – remains a strong contender in the smart contract platform game.

In a recent InvestAnswers video, the anonymous host, with a following of 444,000 on YouTube, questions whether ETH is truly 40 times superior to SOL, given that ETH’s market cap is currently worth 40 times more than SOL’s.

“Ethereum is 40x more valuable than Solana.

The market cap is 40x larger, and if you include all the layer twos (I got Optimism, Matic, Arbitrum, etc.) it’s a lot more. It’s like 50 x larger. The question is, does all the data make sense?

My take is that my eighth position is four times larger than my Solana position, and my Bitcoin position is four times larger than my ETH position. This gives you an idea of how I structure things.”

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