Tron’s achievements are pouring at a rapid pace. There are a lot of projects that seemed important last year and eventually they ended up dropping off the map.

Meanwhile, the Tron Foundation together with Justin Sun are counting their developments and achievements, and they’re increasing in number.

Tron (TRX) flaunts 2 million users

Tron saw a high increase in the dApp activity on the blockchain recently, and now the number of accounts increased again exponentially.

Now, Tron has 2 million mainnet accounts, and it’s important to mention that only 249 days from the launch of the mainnet have passed.

Justin Sun recently said that it took just 181 days to reach their first 1 million users and only 68 days to reach another 1 million, which is three times faster than the first 1 million user achievement.

Now, Sun shared the latest achievement via his favorite social media platform and also made sure to ask his followers how long they guess it will take for Tron to have 3 million users.

The second BTT airdrop

Other than this, Sun revealed that they are preparing for the next BTT airdrop that will take place on March 11 and Tron (RX) holders will be rewarded with 990,000,000 BTT.

He also detailed everything people need to know in order to be eligible for the program.

Some community members were excited at the news, but others were a bit worried.

Someone said “Go, Tron! I can’t believe how many people still think Trons a scam. People are too stupid to realize that Tron is perfect for them. I wish all the crypto posers would just leave….”

On the other hand, another person posted this: “Justin, good project you have in BTT, but sadly it has excess supply and airdrops, causing a damp on its value. Investors are not comfortable…cut down BTT excess supply and airdrops BTT is the Netflix of Tron and must have some value in price with a decent supply.”

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