TrustToken Expands Team With Wall Street And Silicon Valley Names

The crypto space is filled with exciting news these days. Mass adoption of crypto is going great, and there are more and more moves that are supporting this critical goal.

The latest significant move comes from TrustToken, which is the team behind TrueFi.

TrustToken adds important names to its team

TrustToken just revealed the addition of Wall Street and Silicon Valley veterans to its C-suite. This is a part of a growing focus on servicing institutional finance with its suite of DeFi solutions.

The company is also welcoming former Ethworks engineers onto its senior team, having acquired the Web3 development company in September.

The official press release notes the fact that the senior leadership that TrustToken is building will be expanding TrueFi’s reach into the following: “traditional finance sector, direct the development of new DeFi products, manage the integration of the recent and future acquisitions, and guide TrueFi’s progressive decentralization.”

TrustToken is aiming to get its products into Wall Street and it’s creating a strong financial infrastructure that aims to bring traditional finance into the future.

With this latest move, the company shows the fact that it’s creating a team that mixes top-notch tech expertise and a powerful understanding of the banking world.

The final aim is to integrate TrustToken’s synthetic assets and DeFi protocol into the traditional financial ecosystem.

The CSO that comes to the team is Tom Shields – he is a seasoned technical founder and investor.

The great features that he’s bringing to the team include decades of experience in management and strategy across the enterprise and consumer-based startups.

It’s important to note the fact that this includes one of the world’s largest multi-sided marketplaces.

Credit: TrustToken

Tom flaunts a great background in the technology sector, serving as an advisor for TrustToken and also acts as Chairman of the Board.

The official notes also revealed that the newest member of TrustToken’s senior leadership team will be Russell Korte – the CFO. Russell can now bring robust experience in specialty finance.

All this is vital for boosting TrustToken’s efforts for institutional DeFi adoption. The move will also bring the firm’s vision of collaboration between DeFi and TradFi as the financial sector of the future.

More important names from Ethworks

All these aforementioned veterans will be joining an exec team that includes massive names from Ethworks acquisition.

The same official notes reveal that Marek Kirejczyk is an experienced founder, engineer, and EthWorks’ co-founder; he’s joining TrustToken’s ranks as CTO.

The man will be overseeing the infrastructure, products, and security behind TrustToken’s projects.

Natalia Kirejczyk is now more important Ethworks veteran who took part in redesigning and she will be the VP of Design. In this post, she will manage the TrustToken platform’s user experience and visual outlay.

Krzysztof Jelski will be the new VP of Engineering.

It’s worth noting the fact that he has more than 15 years worth of experience in software development. He will be the leader of the company’s day-to-day technical management efforts. He will be a senior manager and technical lead.

“I’m confident that the new senior leadership team will prove decisive for TrueFi’s development.”

This is what Rafael Cosman, CEO and Co-founder of TrustToken said.

He continued and explained the following:

“This is the leadership team that will take TrueFi from $1Bn to $1Tn which requires going way beyond the crypto lenders and borrowers that TrueFi primarily works with today.”

The whole team strongly believes that the next frontier for finance will be to:

“unbundle traditional banking, bringing lending on-chain. TrustToken is pioneering the scaffolds which will support institutional adoption, and I’m excited to join this journey.”

The current financial system is undergoing massive transformations, and TrustToken is definitely riding the wave of innovation with its latest moves.

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