Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Is Working On Improving Bitcoin & Crypto Ecosystem With “Square Crypto” Team

This year, there have already been a ton of crypto-related predictions, especially regarding the price of BTC.

Also, there have been a lot of important moves made in the crypto space which are leading towards the huge goal of crypto mass adoption.

Jack Dorsey makes a BTC prediction

One prominent name in the crypto sphere, Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey is one of the huge names who also made a BTC prediction just recently.

During a brand new interview on the Tales from the Crypto podcast, he said that the BTC whitepaper is one of the “most seminal works” of the last 20 years.

He addressed the subject of Bitcoin and the blockchain tech, and he detailed the ways in which he believes that these can impact the growth of the Internet overall.

He basically believes that we’re looking at a “massive acceleration” that’s on the horizon.

Square Crypto initiative to improve Bitcoin

Just the other day, Dorsey has revealed the launch of Square Crypto which is an initiative via which he is paying people to “make the broader crypto ecosystem better,” reports Cryptoslate.

He announced this on Twiter and he’s asking his strategic development lead at Square, Mike Brock, “what is the most impactful thing we [Square] could do for the bitcoin community?” This is a conversation that sparked the creation of Square Crypto.

Dorsey elaborated and said that Square had taken quite a lot from the open-source community in order to get at the point in which it is today.

In his opinion, this initiative is a way to get back and help the community to achieve its massive goal of a “more accessible global financial system for the internet.”

Dorsey encouraged all Bitcoin enthusiasts and crypto ecosystem contributors to send direct messages to Square Crypto on Twitter to get paid for their work.

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