It has been just predicted the fact that there is an important ETH rival that seems to be getting ready to outperform the digital asset. Check out the latest reports about the coin’s price here.

ETH new price prediction is out

As per crypto investor and venture capitalist Chris Burniske, Solana (SOL) is expected to outperform Ethereum (ETH) in a new trend formation.

Burniske shared a chart posted by on-chain analyst Will Clemente, which shows Solana versus Ethereum (SOL/ETH) with a series of higher lows and higher highs, indicating a potential shift in long-term momentum.

Burniske firmly believes that those who pay close attention will see the obvious, while those who blindly follow their preferred team may continue with willful ignorance.

Burniske, who has been optimistic about Solana for a long time, has been consistently bullish on SOL throughout the bottom range of its price action over the past year or so.

According to a former crypto analyst from Cathie Wood’s ARK Invest, many developers prefer to stay within the Ethereum ecosystem due to their familiarity with it.

However, the co-founder of venture capital firm Placeholder, Chris Burniske, suggests that investors should take a different approach to SOL.

While Placeholder continues to invest in Ethereum and believes in its bright future, Burniske recommends that investors add some SOL exposure to their existing ETH holding. He believes that failing to do so requires a lot of mental gymnastics.

Furthermore, Burniske warns that Ethereum enthusiasts may be caught off guard when Solana captures a significant portion of value, just as Bitcoin bulls believed the entire crypto ecosystem would operate on their preferred network.

“Saw the same thing play out with Bitcoiners, that I’m seeing with some Ethereans now.

The rallying cry is the same:

‘Everything will be built on Bitcoin!’

‘Everything will be built on Ethereum!’

‘BTC will capture all value!’

‘ETH will capture all value!’

Flat circle.”

At the time of writing, Solana is trading for $24.

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