Whales Accumulate XRP And LINK, Analytics Firm Santiment Reveals

Whales Accumulate XRP And LINK, Analytics Firm Santiment Reveals

Ripple and XRP have been making headlines a lot this year, with the San Francisco-based company boosting the whole XRP ecosystem, and also promoting the adoption of the digital asset XRP.

Whales accumulate XRP and LINK

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Now, it seems that the latest data from crypto insights platform Santiment reveals that big money players are accumulating XRP and Chainlink (LINK) – more than that, it looks like there are also two other altcoins showing signs of strength.

The online publication the Daily Hodl noted that Santiment reported that whales have been buying up XRP since a month after the Covid-19 induced sell-off.

This whole move caused the number of wallets with a balance of at least 100,000 XRP to increase significantly.

Someone commented: “Goes to show that they don’t need to pay a premium price to accumulate and hold big bags of xrp. All they need are people who continue to sell xrp below 50 cents. Why bid for high price when there are so many people who are willing to sell them for much lower?”

Another follower said: “Smart money…. Watch xrp outpace bitcoin over the next 12 months.”

Two digital assets worth keeping your eyes on

Santiment is also looking at Ren (REN) – a protocol that enables the transfer of crypto assets between blockchains.

And the second digital assets that’s of interest is YFI:

This is the crypto space’s darling coin.



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