XRP Gets “A” Rating And Becomes The Leader In Four Significant Metrics

Ripple and XRP have been making headlines a lot these days and while the company has been promoting its products, XRP has been enjoying increased adoption this year so far.

New analysis on XRP is out

Now, the crypto in the spotlight again. Flipside Crypto and the influential business site TheStreet just released a new analysis on XRP.

The Daily Hodl reveals that this company highlights Ripple’s xRapid, which is powered by XRP and also addresses the partnership with MoneyGram.

They call these two elements – the factors that stay behind the “A” rating for this digital asset.

XRP is reportedly judged on four main factors, including “developer behavior, market maturity, user activity, and Flipside’s fundamental crypto asset score.”

“Ripple is a growing force across the global financial landscape, establishing inroads to institutional finance while cultivating products in the cryptosphere…” according to the report.

The notes continue and detail the fact that “The company is offering conservative institutional clients an on-ramp to the Ripple platform through xCurrent, while also evolving xRapid to offer refuge from the complexities of using foreign-exchange markets to settle transfers. That’s effectively delivering efficiency and cost savings to established market participants.”

The partnership with MoneyGram

It’s also important to note that Flipside said that Ripple’s partnership with MoneyGram helped drive a 7.1% increased in the developer behavior metric.

They are also looking to see more institutional clients for Ripple and even more increase in the fundamental value of the digital asset XRP.

We advise you to read the complete report on XRP.

XRP adoption increases

The United Nation’s Universal Postal Union (UPU)  revealed a report which cited the potential adoption of cryptos like XRP.

This report highlighted the enhancing digitization of postal services around the world, and it’s more than obvious these days that cryptos can lower consumer costs.


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