XRP Optimistic Statistics: 94% Of XRP Hodlers Are Expecting Ripple’s Asset To Hit $100

Ripple and XRP had a great year so far with the company witnessing increased adoption of its products.

The San Francisco-based firm has been promoting the boosting of the XRP ecosystem, and Wietse Wind’s company XRPL Labs, which is backed by Ripple has done the same.

While XRP has been seeing increased adoption, the price of the coin has not really surged.

This did not disappoint XRP holders who seem to be very optimistic according to the latest reports.

Investors are bullish on XRP

An extensive survey of the XRP community is showing that investors are not interested in selling XRP at all.

The Daily Hodl reports that XRP researcher Leonidas Hadjiloizou spearheaded the survey of 474 people. According to the results, 94% of XRP investors are in it for the long-term and plan to hodl.

More than that 52.3% are convinced that XRP will hit $100 or even more.

Also, more than 21% of the respondents said that they are expecting XRP to hit even $1,000.

The Daily Hodl wrote that “Given the total maximum supply of XRP at nearly 100 billion, the high price tag would place the coin’s total market cap at almost $100 trillion.”

Other key findings include the following, as cited by the online publication mentioned above:

  • 92.8% of respondents were men with English as their native language
  • 72.4% heard about XRP on social media or through a friend
  • 48.1% first invested in XRP in 2017

XRP validators are live

On other news, there are two companies which are spinning up XRP validators as reported by the Daily Hodl.

These will reportedly boost the network and decentralize even more XRP.

The online publication writes that the validators crunch the numbers in order to determine if transactions are meeting the protocol requirements.

This would allow them to either be accepted or rejected by the network in an effort in order to prevent abuse and double-spending, according to the Daily Hodl’s reports.



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