XRP Price Predictions For 2019: Ripple’s Coin Is Reportedly Ready To Surge Together With BCH And EOS

The crypto market has been fluctuating a lot lately, and there have been a lot of price-related predictions popping up in the crypto space.

Today, most coins are trading in the green on CMC with Bitcoin being priced at $10,614.04.

Bullish signals for XRP, BCH, and EOS

Now, Smartereum says that XRP, EOS and Bitcoin Cash are showing some bullish signals.

The online publication notes that Ripple’s XRP had the chance to break out from range accumulation and enter a bull market back in June.

They also note that the market participants have succeeded in pushing the price of the coin above the $0.46 resistance.

Smartereum notes that “At this time, the bulls just needed the price to stay above the level for a couple of days for a rally to happen. Sadly, the price could not be sustained, and the bears took over. This event triggered the massive selloff that pushed XRP price to the recent low of $0.2825 on July 16.”

When is the best time to buy XRP, BCH, and EOS

According to the same online poublicaiton mentioned above, XRP may be the perfect investment if traders buy at support level $0.29 or close.

“Other targets to monitor include range resistance of $0.46 and range midpoint of $0.375,” they write.

Regarding BCH, the coin has also suffered a huge price correction after it was able to reach a 2019 high of $517.20 during the past month.

According to Smartereum, “The ideal buying area is as close to $300 while looking out for the $515 and $407.50 targets.”

The online publication writes that traders can benefit from the EOS market if they are thinking about buying at the support level of $3.60 or close to that.

Most crypto experts are pretty bullish on BTC-related predictions these days, even if the most important coin in the market has recently suffered a significant correction.

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