Bitcoin (BTC) $10K Is On Its Way And $100k Is Reportedly On The Horizon, Says Charles Hoskinson

The crypto market looks better today, after a few days of trading in the red. Now, most digital assets are trading in the green.

Charles Hoskinson said that he is waiting for Bitcoin FUD to die down after the most important coin in the market dropped more than $1,000 in just two days.

The digital asset dropped from $8,193 to a low of $6,955, according to data compiled by CoinMarketCap.

At the moment of writing this article, BTC is trading in the green, and the coin is priced at $7,294.59.

Hoskinson predicts BTC to hit $10k soon

Hoskinson stated the following via Twitter:

“Bitcoin’s price is going down? Remember everyone, after the FUD, news trading and manipulation clears out, we still have a global movement that’s going to change the world.”

He continued and predicted that “We will see 10k BTC again and welcome 100k. Crypto is unstoppable. Crypto is the future.”

Hoskinson confirmed that the developments for Cardano, as well as the project’s crypto wallet Daedalus, are going great at the moment.

“We’re really happy about Daedalus. We’re really happy about the code quality. We’re happy about how quickly we’ve been able to move this month and how much we’ve learned from moving this fast this month,” he said.

Hoskinson also said that the next year will be a really fruitful one and we’ll be seeing a lot of releases and more features added to the projects.

“Cardano is kind of a financial operating system for those who don’t have one.”

Cardano adoption intensifies

Cardano was recently in the spotlight once again when the company Quanterall showed off a prototype of a self-checkout system that uses Cardano. The blockchain allows users to send, receive, and spend ADA.

The app is a real-world use case that is designed for everyday consumers at shops and grocery stores.


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