Yesterday, August 8th, Bittrex, a world’s leading crypto trading platform, stated it would pair XRP (XRP) and Ethereum Classic (ETC) with the USD as trading pairs. According to the announcement, this update would take place on August 20th.

“Get ready – we’re adding more US dollar (USD) markets on Bittrex Exchange. On August 20th, we’re launching USD (fiat) markets for XRP (XRP) and Ethereum Classic (ETC),” said the crypto trading platform’s representatives on the exchange’s official Twitter page.

According to the cryptocurrency exchange platform, adding XRP/USD and ETC/USD trading pairs on the platform would permit its clients to purchase cryptocurrencies using fiat money, USD for the moment, easily. Moreover, the Exchange also believes that such additions would boost the blockchain technology adoption rates, as well.

“We’re going to continue adding tokens to our USD markets, providing our customers even more convenient, fast and secure trading options as well as access to some of the world’s most innovative blockchain projects,” said Bittrex.

XRP (XRP) and Ethereum Classic (ETC) to be paired with the USD on Bittrex, as the crypto trading platform launches its USD market

Recently, the Bittrex crypto trading platform announced its intention to open a USD market with two option, either “USD Trading Only” or “USD Trading, Withdraw, and Deposit.”

Bittrex plans to add XRP (XRP) and Ethereum Classic (ETC) pairs with USD, besides the already announced USD trading pairs with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT) and TrueUSD (TUSD).

However, the access to the new USD market on Bittrex would be limited. Therefore, the crypto trading platform announced that only the residents of California, Washington State, and Montana would be eligible to trade on the USD market within the United States. Also, only qualified international clients would be able to access crypto-USD trading pairs.

The decision taken by Bittrex was warmly welcomed by the Ripple and XRP  communities whose members think the measure would lead to the long-awaited decoupling from Bitcoin (BTC).

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