The crypto market looks bloody today, with most of the digital assets trading in the red.

Bitcoin’s price is falling again, and the most important coin is now trading at

The blockchain is a game-changer in the banking industry

It’s been revealed that the Trump administration’s new Acting Comptroller of the Currency Brian Brooks is saying that the blockchain tech is a potential game-changer in the banking industry.

He’s the former chief legal officer at the crypto exchange Coinbase and he is currently leading the federal agency that’s responsible for the largest banks in the US.

He believes that the blockchain could help bring the banking infrastructure into the digital age.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP have massive potential

In a new interview with Forbes, he addressed the first three digital assets as the best examples of the massive potential of the tech.

“Interestingly, he’s looking for decentralized networks in general — he cited Bitcoin, Ether and XRP in particular — to solve many of the problems hindering more than one-thousand financial institutions under his purview,” he said.

In his inaugural address on becoming Acting Comptroller of the Currency, Brooks suggested that a focus on innovation is really important, and this will be the main aim at the moment.

He also addressed the flaws that have been plaguing the traditional financial system SWIFT. This has been used by banks and financial institutions for decades, but it became flawed and the need for innovation has come.

He said that three days are needed to send money between the US and Europe and made sure to point out the fact that the Fed’s efforts to boost transaction speed and reliability are falling short of the “instantaneous and immutable” transfer speeds that can be touched with the help of the blockchain.

We recommend that you check out the complete interview.

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