As it’s been earlier reported, Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson announced that the hardfork for Shelley just began.

The Shelley hardfork process was initiated

The Shelley hardfork process has been initiated at about 21:45 UTC.

Over the weekend, IOHK will continue to carry out numerous tests. It’s been also mentioned that it is still possible to abort until Monday:

“We have now begun the countdown over the next 5 days to hard fork Cardano from Byron to Shelley. Our last chance to abort will be sometime on Monday, during the weekend the engineers and the QA-team will be conducting an exhaustive 72 hours burn-in, to go through all checklists that we have.”

Hoskinson made sure to point out the fact that everything looks as a successful launch.

According to info coming from Crypto News Flash, if it’s necessary IOHK will be releasing a new version or abort the launch process.

It’s been highlighted that the IOHK is not afraid to interrupt the “launch sequence” and postpone it to the next epoch, 5 days later.

The migration protocol

“The migration protocol supports this until July 27 at 21:41:51 UTC, so by that time the nodes can be rebooted with the new configuration and ready to produce blocks. Accordingly, the third step is a “vote of confidence”, whereupon the hard fork combinator is activated,” according to the online pubcalition mentioned above.

As always, Charles Hoskinson and the whole team got amazing feedback from the community who is happy to support the project.

Someone said: “Congrats Charles and the rest of the team, major milestones are a doorstep away now. Actually, we now finally see years of hard work come to fruitionGrapes Glad I’m on this ship!”

Cardano has been making a lot of headlines lately due to their bold plans and great achievements.

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