Cardano has been making headlines a lot lately due to the massive event – the Shelley upgrade.

After highlighting the fact that Cardano just entered a new phase of decentralization, the team behind the project also said that they still have lots of work to do.

Also,  the team made another exciting announcement for those of you interested in learning all there is to know about Shelley.

Handy Cardano guide is out

Now, it’s been also revealed that there’s a guide on staking and delegation that has been just released.

Someone commented “I added a little more ADA to my Shelley wallet in Daedalus after already staking to a pool. Can I undelegate that and then delegate back to that same pool, not losing any rewards?”

The response was this: “If you undelegate, it will be effective in 2 epochs (10 days). Then 2 more epochs to redelegate. Try to delegate using the same wallet, and see how many Adas are available. Normally you should see the newly added ADA available for delegation. Please let me know.”

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