Today, the Cardano team and community could not be more excited. As you probably know by now, the hardfork is about to happen.

Cardano’s founder Charles Hoskinson kicked off the final countdown to the launch of the highly anticipated Shelley upgrade that is aiming to make the Cardano blockchain fully decentralized.

Cardano hardfork takes place today

“We did a pre-launch checklist, and now we are going back to the second one,” Hoskinson said in a YouTube video of Sunday, as cited by Decrypt.

He continued and explained that “Should nothing come up, the update will be endorsed, and the fork will occur without delay or disruption on the 29th.”

He got great feedback following the video.

Someone said: “My fellow Cardanians, let’s all take a second to give Charles a round of applause and/or a THANK YOU in the comments below! Congrats Charles and Thank YOU for all your hard work!! “Keep calm and Cardano On!”

Another person on YOuTUbe posted this: “Charles and people who work in the Cardano world, you are true geniuses, you are going to take this project to another galaxy, you are incredible, congratulations for doing the job with so much love!!!!”

A person said: “I started accumulating ADA coins since Oct. 2017, so as my followers in Wechat group people from China. Proud of everyone involve in this Cardano ecosystem, we will have bright future and biggest contribution to the Tech world.”

The Cardano community is patiently waiting for this change that will bring the project to the very next level. They’re also looking forward to some interesting ADA price moves as well.

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