Crypto Analyst Predicts Altcoin Bull Run And Bitcoin (BTC) Surge Towards The $6k Resistance

It seems that the optimistic Bitcoin and crypto price predictions continue to pour in the crypto space.

Altcoin bull run and BTC to head to $6,000

Now, crypto trader and author of An Altcoin Trader’s Handbook said that he believes we’re at the start of an altcoin bull run.

The Daily Hodl revealed that Nik Patel who boasts about 70k Twitter followers expects altcoin to “experience a bull cycle, while BTC remains fairly stable and largely range-bound.”

In his opinion, this is mostly because most altcoins have lost 90% of their value in the bear market.

“BTC can be bought cheaply to finance altcoin movements, and prices against BTC can be driven up higher because of the smaller market caps, securing greater profits,” he says.

He also said that the bull run for the altcoins would not be like the last one and he encouraged traders to make sure to take advantage of it.

Overall price predictions are bullish for the crypto market

Even if the prices are still not rallying like crazy in the crypto market, the overall sentiment remains quite a bullish one.

More expert crypto voices have said that we’ll be looking at a much better 2019 in terms of prices and especially in terms of crypt mainstream adoption.

Bitcoin-related predictions are getting more bullish with each passing day.

For instance, Tron’s Justin Sun believes that the bear market has eventually come to an end and Bitcoin has already hit a bottom.

He believes that we can finally wave goodbye to the bearish crypto winter that lasted too long.

Recently, Cryptopotato highlighted a new historical report that suggests the fact that BTC’s price can hit at least $102,000.

Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey also believes that we’re looking at a “massive acceleration” that’s on the horizon. These are only a few examples of optimistic predictions.

These predictions are piling up daily, and it remains to be seen where prices will be heading with all the notable moves that are taking place in the cryptosphere.

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