Keep Your Identity Safe While Using Crypto With A Bitcoin Mixer

The crypto industry might still be a nascent domain, but innovation develops fast, and unfortunately, so do the dangers and risks lurking in this space.

Cryptocurrencies and safety are two concepts that should go hand in hand, considering that Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin with annoyingly and full privacy in mind.

But regulations are not necessarily supporting the idea; therefore solutions that give crypto enthusiasts back control over the assets are always welcomed.

Such a solution that keeps your identity safe while you’re using crypto is a Bitcoin mixing service such as

All Bitcoin holders should consider the benefits of mixing their digital assets, and this will especially turn out beneficial if they are not keeping their cryptos in cold storage, which is offline and free from threats.

Here are the main benefits of using such a tool and why it can eventually become any crypto enthusiast’s MVP.

Using a trusted crypto tumbler

A Bitcoin mixer or tumbler is an impressive tool that provides maximum advantages for all users who want to keep their anonymity while using crypto online, for instance. Such a service mixes your funds and offers you some new, fresh BTC. A trusted high-quality blender will have the ability to confuse the trail just in case someone would try and figure out the source of the crypto. A great mixer has the ability to keep anonymity levels at the maximum.

More than that, high-quality Bitcoin mixers will not store any logs that could support organizations or individuals who are curious about users’ activity.

Also, such a service will not provide any data about received or sent BTC from mixer or to the mixer because they simply do not save such data when the transaction ends.


Making Bitcoin fungible. Bitcoin fungibility 

Fungibility refers to the ability of mutual substitution between individual units of a commodity or assets.

Fungibility is an essential subject when it comes to crypto, and it’s worth noting that Bitcoin is not entirely fungible because it can be traced.

In other words, all Bitcoin transactions can be looked up by the public. Just picture this: a BTC has been used for illegal activities, and it ends up in your wallet for some reason.

It’s possible that someone traces the origins of the BTC in your wallet, and this could lead to some companies blacklisting your address or BTC. That’s why mixing BTC all the time comes in handy because chances of this to happen are lowered.

A Bitcoin mixer service makes your BTC completely fungible.


Adding an extra layer of privacy while using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin

When you’re using a mixer, you can rest assures that each of your transactions will become extremely hard to trace, which means that you can protect your income and personal information.

Hackers and third parties won’t be able to snoop your crypto, make blockchain analysis, or track your personal data in order to steal your digital assets.

With the help of such services, you can also protect your Litecoin and Ethereum as well. There are a lot of Ethereum mixers out there as well.

Everyone has the right to personal privacy while transacting online, and the Ethereum blockchain features are not 100% anonymous while you’re using ETH. This is why it makes sense to get your hands on a trusted mixer and cut all ties to your old ETH coins and get newly mixed ones.


Keeping your identity safe while using crypto

Of course, you do have a certain amount of anonymity when you’re using Bitcoin, but it’s also important to understand that, together with the evolution of the developments in the crypto industry, tracking tools have also evolved a lot over the past years. That’s why you have to make sure that your BTC holdings are hard to trace, and a BTC mixer can do exactly this.

You can use crypto for online shopping, making donations, p2p payments, and more, and it’s essential to keep your anonymity at all times.


Maintain your identity safe during online shopping

Bitcoin mixers are a must in the crypto market, especially when you shop online. Needless to say that when you’re out there making purchases, you’d like each transaction to be really hard to trace, and a mixing service will be able to take care of that. Third parties will not be able to track down your personal data or steal your BTC.

In a crypto space in which most crypto owners have already disclosed vast amounts of information via Know Your Customer (KYC) checks at crypto exchanges, you will get the chance to keep your own BTC safe.

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