Monero (XMR) Will Become A Market Leader Soon, Says Max Keiser

As you know, the crypto space is filled with lots of coins and projects, and the financial ecosystem will only get bigger over time.

Businesses have started to rebuild their ecosystems in order to make sure that their coins will be able to maintain their status and success amidst so much competition that only becomes more and more extended with each passing day.

Monero will reportedly become a top-three coin

Crypto enthusiast Max Keiser revealed the fact that he’s pretty certain that Monero will gain the position as a market leader.

He believes that this is bound to happen sooner rather than later.

Keiser supports Monero and pointed out the lack of fungibility in Bitcoin’s case.

He said that Monero can serve this purpose and as a result, the privacy-oriented coin will become one of the top three digital assets in the crypto market soon.

Bitcoin-Monero duopoly

“I don’t know how Bitcoin is gonna tackle this. If it can’t tackle it then out of all the privacy coins, Monero will be a champion in that space, and we’ll have a Bitcoin-Monero duopoly,” he said as cited by AMBCrypto.

He also said that while BTC has always been considered digital gold, XMR will be better positioned in order to handle the fungibility and privacy concerns when BTC will cross $100k.

He also said that there is no altcoin which can completely disrupt BTC’s decade long position as the market leader.

John McAfee has faith in privacy coins

John McAfee is a true altcoin believer, and a few weeks ago he said that privacy coins such as Monero would definitely be the future.

“The prices of many solid altcoins were hit ten times as bad as Bitcoin during the Bear market, yet many are based on sound economics, especially in the Medical field and in the Privacy coins which we all know will be the big winners. Privacy coins are the future,” he said a few weeks ago.

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